What are the Benefits of Using a Doula Agency?

A doula agency is a business that provides doula services to expectant mothers and families. Essentially, it is a collective of doulas who work together to support clients during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period.

A doula agency is more than just an office space – it’s a hub of resources for expectant mothers and their families. It’s a place where doulas and expectant mothers can meet, connect, and discuss their individual needs and preferences.

From the perspective of a doula, we will discuss the pros and cons of joining a doula agency, the options for independent doulas who prefer not to join an agency, as well as the steps on how to start a doula business.

From the perspective of a birthing person, we will cover the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing an agency to find a doula, as well as provide guidance on how to effectively utilize agency resources to find the best support person for one’s pregnancy’s journey. Let’s begin!

pros and cons of a using a doula agency

Pros of Joining a Doula Agency

Joining an agency for a doula has many advantages. Some of these include:

Professional Representation: When you join a doula agency, your work is represented in a professional manner. The agency promotes its members to potential clients, and provides information on their services. This increases the chances that you will receive more inquiries from interested clients.

Advertising: Doula agencies often advertise their services, which is an added benefit for its members. This helps spread awareness of the services a doula can provide to expecting mothers and families.

Administrative Support: Doula agencies often handle administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, sending invoices, and handling payments. Joining an agency can therefore relieve a doula of the stress of handling these tasks herself, allowing her to focus on providing quality care to her clients.

Increased Visibility: Doula agencies also help increase the visibility of their members, meaning that potential clients are more likely to find them when searching for assistance during pregnancy and childbirth. This increased visibility can lead to an increase in inquiries and appointments.

Mentorship and Professional Development: Many doula agencies offer mentorship programs and continuing education courses for their doulas. Joining an agency can therefore provide a doula with opportunities to learn from experienced professionals, improve her skills, and stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field.

In addition, doula agencies may have established protocols and procedures that ensure consistent and quality care for clients. This can help ensure that you are providing the best possible care to your clients.

Increased Referrals, Clients and Networking Opportunities: Doula agencies often have an established client base and marketing strategies that enable them to attract more clients. When you join a doula agency, you gain access to this pool of potential clients, which can help you build your clientele quickly.

Doula agencies also often organize events and workshops for their doulas to network with other birth professionals. This can help you build relationships with other birth professionals and grow your business.

Cons of Joining a Doula Agency

While there are many benefits of being a part of an agency for a doula, there are also certain drawbacks to consider. This can include:

Less Control Over Schedule: Doula agencies may assign clients to their doulas, leaving the doula with little control over her schedule. This can be challenging for doulas who need to plan their schedules around other commitments.

Fee Splitting: Doula agencies typically charge a fee for their services and then split the fee with their doulas. This can result in doulas receiving a lower fee for their services than they would if they were working independently.

Limited Autonomy: Doula agencies may have policies and procedures that their doulas must follow. This can limit a doula’s autonomy and ability to provide care that aligns with her personal philosophy.

Less Client Interaction: Doula agencies typically handle communication with clients. This can result in doulas having less interaction with their clients before the birth, which may impact their ability to build rapport and establish a strong relationship with the client.

Lack of Control: When you join a doula agency, you may have less control over how your business is run. The agency may dictate the rates you charge and where you can advertise your services, for example.

Competition: Joining a doula agency means that you are competing with other doulas from the same collective for clients. This could be difficult to navigate since all of the doulas may have similar skills and provide similar services.

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Other Options for Independent Doulas

Not all doulas may want to join a doula agency, or may not find it feasible for their circumstances. Here are some alternatives for independent doulas:

Self-Promotion: Individuals can choose to promote their doula services independently through social media platforms, websites, business cards, and networking. This can involve more active marketing strategies such as reaching out to healthcare providers, attending community events, or offering workshops.

Collaboration with Other Birth Professionals: Doulas can collaborate with other birth professionals such as midwives, childbirth educators, chiropractors, or photographers. This can not only help build relationships with other birth professionals but also offer opportunities to cross-promote services and packages.

Word of Mouth: One of the most effective ways to get clients in the doula profession is through word of mouth referrals. By offering exceptional service to a client, a doula can be recommended to others in their network.

Referral Networks: Some doulas may choose to join referral networks or online directories that connect potential clients to doula services. This option provides a way to reach a broader audience.

Community-based Organizations: Some community organizations aim to serve underprivileged and low-income families. Doulas can collaborate with these organizations to offer pro-bono or reduced-cost services to these communities. This fosters opportunities for growth while providing services to underserved families.

It is important for independent doulas to choose marketing strategies according to their objectives, target audience, resources, and limitations. They may also want to consider creating coherent packages, clear rates, and service contracts. These offerings help provide transparency and clarity to clients.

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Steps to Starting Your Own Doula Agency

As a doula, starting your own agency can be a rewarding and challenging endeavor. Here are the steps to consider when starting your own doula agency:

Step 1: Gain Experience and Expertise

Before starting an agency, it’s crucial to have experience and expertise in the field of doula care. Becoming a certified doula, gaining experience in the field, and continuing education courses can help build your credibility and improve your skills.

Step 2: Create a Business Plan

A business plan outlines your agency’s goals, strategies, and financial plans. It will help you assess the market demand for your services, identify your competitors, and determine your target market.

A business plan will also help you estimate the startup and ongoing costs of your agency, and determine how much you will need to charge for your services to make a profit.

Step 3: Register Your Business

Registering your business is an essential step in establishing your doula agency. It ensures that you have the legal permission to operate as a business entity, and follow the laws and guidelines within your region.

The registration process varies depending on the region or state in which you reside.

Step 4: Build Your Team

As you build your agency, it’s important to assemble a team of doulas with whom you can collaborate and provide services. When hiring doulas, look for individuals who share your philosophy, values, and work ethics.

The doula team should have a complementary skill set that includes birth and postpartum support, and emerging niches, like bereavement and sibling doula services.

Step 5: Build Your Brand

Building your brand is an important part of establishing your agency in the marketplace. Develop an identity that reflects your agency’s values and mission, create a logo, and design business cards and flyers for printed materials.

Develop and maintain an online presence through social media platforms, a website, and a blog or a newsletter.

Step 6: Establish Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures outline the protocols and standards for your agency and ensure consistency and quality care for your clients. It’s important to develop policies and procedures for client communication, payment, cancellation, referrals, emergencies, and conflict resolution.

Step 7: Build and Maintain Relationships with Healthcare Providers

Collaborating with healthcare providers, such as obstetricians and midwives, can be beneficial to building your client base. Build relationships by attending events and meetings, offering service packages as referrals, and consistently following up with providers.

Step 8: Foster Client Relationships

It’s essential to build rapport and trust with clients to ensure repeat business and positive reviews. Provide personalized care, effective communication, follow-up sessions, and resources for clients to promote positive outcomes.

Starting a doula agency requires hard work and dedication. However, with proper planning, a strong team, and an unwavering commitment to excellence in service, running a successful doula agency can be a fulfilling and exciting journey.

How to Find Doula Agencies: Options for Mothers

If you are a mother looking for a doula agency, here are several ways to find a doula agency near you:

Online Search: An online search can be an effective way to find doula agencies near you. Begin with a search engine and look for terms like “doula agency near me” or “doula services near me”. Many doula agencies have websites that feature comprehensive information about their services and rates.

Social Media Platforms: Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter provide another avenue for finding doula agencies near you. Use hashtags such as #doulas, #birthworkers, or #doulaagency to search for doula agencies close to your location.

Doula Associations and Organizations: Many doula associations and organizations have directories of certified and trained doulas and doula agencies. You can search by your zip code or location to access local listings.

Healthcare Providers: Your obstetrician or midwife may have recommendations for doula agencies in your area. Don’t hesitate to ask for a list of recommended doula agencies that they know or have worked with in the past.

Community Events: Community events, such as health and wellness fairs, pregnancy expos, or baby shows, provide opportunities to connect with local doula agencies. You can meet and greet doulas at these events and ask questions about their services and rates.

Referral Networks: Referral networks, such as DoulaMatch.net, or local parenting groups and social clubs, can provide information on which doula agencies operate near your location. You might also inquire within local mom groups, childbirth education providers, or online forums for referrals.

Pros and Cons of Using a Doula Agency for Mothers

Using a doula agency to find a doula for childbirth is becoming increasingly popular for mothers and partners looking for support. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using a doula agency:

Pros of Using a Doula Agency

Convenience: Working with a doula agency can be incredibly convenient, as you will likely be able to access more options than through word-of-mouth referrals or online searches. A doula agency has numerous trained and certified professionals on staff who can meet your needs quickly.

Comprehensive Services: Most doula agencies offer comprehensive services that cover the entire process from pregnancy up until postpartum. These services may include information and advice on pregnancy, labor prep classes, birth coaching, and tips on parenting after the baby is born.

Highly Qualified Professionals: Most doulas networks have highly qualified professionals who have undergone extensive training and certifications in order to provide reliable services to expecting parents.

Flexible Schedules: Doulas associated with an agency often are able to work flexible schedules that accommodate each family’s unique needs before, during, and after delivery.

Cons of Using a Doula Agency

Higher Cost: Hiring a professional from an agency may cost more than hiring an independent doula since agencies typically add their own fees into the equation.

Limited Choice of Professional: Working with agencies generally provides fewer options than going through word-of-mouth referrals or online searches because it limits you to the professionals listed in the network’s directory of services provided by its members or employees.

Regardless whether you want to choose a doula from an agency or not, remember to research each candidate thoroughly before committing so that you can find the best person suited to meet your particular needs before, during, and after childbirth delivery!

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Final Thoughts

  • If you are interested in joining a doula agency, be sure to do your research and choose an agency that aligns with your values and goals. You may also want to consider reaching out to other doulas who have joined agencies to learn more about their experiences and insights.
  • If you are a parent looking for a doula through a doula agency, be sure to inquire about experience, qualifications, rates, and services offered. This will help you make an informed decision on which doula agency best meets your needs.
  • The most common platform to look for an agency, whether you are a parent or a doula is online. You can use search engine and type “doula agency near me” or refer to the websites listed above.


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