Note to My Pregnant Self: It’s Okay to Feel Overwhelmed

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was filled with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. I knew that this journey would be life-changing, but I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by all the unknowns and changes that were about to take place. As I started navigating my pregnancy, I realized that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed and that acknowledging and accepting those feelings is an essential part of the process.

After all, this is my first pregnancy and I’m also categorized as high-risk as I’m above 35 years old. Feelings of anxiety and worry were all natural. So just to give an insight into my personal journey, let me share some milestones I’ve gone through and how I’ve embraced the feeling of being overwhelmed.

Below is, more or less, a short summary of what transpired and a constant reminder during this birthing adventure that it’s good to take each day, one day at a time.

two weeks until delivery

First Trimester: A Whirlwind of Change

The first trimester was a rollercoaster of emotions and physical changes. Dealing with hormonal shifts wasn’t so much of a challenge, because I was thankfully not experiencing these common symptoms of morning sickness.

But I did feel anxious about prenatal care and appointments, wondering if everything was progressing as it should and if the baby’s heartbeat was always there. Every time I go for a doctor’s check-up, I’d try to reassure myself that everything was going to be okay.

As I moved forward, I learned to trust my body and my healthcare team, focusing on taking care of myself and my growing baby.

Second Trimester: Finding My Balance

During the second trimester, I started to find my balance amidst the changes. Body image and self-esteem issues cropped up as my body continued to change, but I reminded myself that these changes were necessary for my baby’s growth.

Thankfully during this period, our doctor gave us the go signal that we could travel and visit my family. It’s been a while since we last visited our hometown, especially after COVID hit us all. We immediately booked tickets and spent the holidays with our families, which was a really nice break from all the stress and anxiety of the journey.

Juggling work, relationships, and pregnancy was challenging, but I learned to prioritize and ask for help when needed.

Third Trimester: The Home Stretch

As I entered the third trimester, the reality of labor and delivery loomed closer. I felt both excited and fearful, unsure of what to expect. I focused on managing my expectations and preparing for the unknown, trusting that my body and my healthcare team would guide me through the process.

My husband and I spent time preparing for the baby – setting up the crib, buying clothes, and researching baby gear. At the same time, we tried to go out together so I could walk and exercise while spending quality time as a couple. After all, we wouldn’t have much of that after the baby arrives.

I also cherished the moments of bonding with my unborn child, feeling their kicks and movements, and imagining the life we would soon share together.

taking the pregnancy journey one day at a time

Information Overload

As the pregnancy is all new to me, I was bombarded with information from friends, family, and healthcare providers. It can get a bit overwhelming at times – trying to decipher what advice is best and how to manage it all.

I quickly learned that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed and that the best thing to do is to take everything in small steps. I was glad to have downloaded the Flo App for managing the milestones in my womb.

I was happy that my doula guided me through the hospital protocols for labor and delivery. She also gave helpful tips to manage pain and prepare us for when the baby arrives.

Self-Care Strategies for Overwhelmed Moms-to-Be

Throughout my pregnancy, I discovered the importance of self-care. Establishing a support network of close and selected friends, family, and fellow moms-to-be was crucial in helping me manage my stress and anxiety.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and exercise routine also helped me feel more in control and connected to my changing body.

Communicating with My Partner

My partner and I made a point to discuss our feelings and concerns openly, strengthening our bond through empathy and understanding.

Together, we planned for a balanced parenting partnership, sharing responsibilities and supporting each other as we prepared to welcome our baby into the world.

Managing Financial Adjustments During Pregnancy

As my husband and I planned on this, we were able to save some money to help us with our expenses since I wouldn’t be able to contribute as much financially to our monthly budget.

I’m glad that I have my company’s maternity insurance coverage that was able to foot the bill for my prenatal check-ups, some vitamins, and unforeseen situations. The policy also covers delivery, epidural, hospital check-in, and even C-section. So this is really a big help for us to cut down on our costs.

We were also able to plan our shopping for clothes and baby stuff during the sale season. Buying items one at a time and whenever we had the opportunity. Because of the good deals we found on baby items, we were able to save money.

it is okay to feel overwhelmed during pregnancy

Finding Joy in the Chaos: Celebrating Milestones and Moments

Despite the challenges, I found joy in the small victories and milestones of my pregnancy. From hearing my baby’s heartbeat for the first time to seeing her on an ultrasound, I embraced the anticipation and excitement that came with each new experience.

I also made an effort to create lasting memories and bonds with my unborn child, cherishing every kick, flutter, and hiccup.


It’s been an exciting journey and I’m grateful for all the support – from family, friends, doctors and nurses, and my birth doula – that has helped me get through this experience. Now with only a few weeks before I deliver our little one, I’m looking forward to all the magical moments that come with motherhood.

So for any mothers-to-be facing uncertainty and feeling overwhelmed – take heart in knowing that you are not alone. And remember to give yourself grace as you navigate this exciting but sometimes overwhelming time.

As daunting as it may seem, I’m ready for the challenge and confident that I can make this experience a positive one. This is more of a note to myself that taking one step at a time is sometimes all that we can do and we just have to trust the process.

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